The change of use of the former exhibition hall to a warehouse made it necessary to adapt the sprinkler equipment

Qualified and experienced – Your professional for the planning and realisation of extinguishing systems

Frank Korte, managing director of KORTE ENGINEERING GmbH, can justifiably be called an expert in fire protection solutions. For more than 20 years he has dedicated himself with enthusiasm and conviction to a wide range of projects in all industrial sectors. His focus: the project planning and implementation of stationary fire protection systems. Effective prevention is the measure of all things.

Because: Only precisely tailored fire protection solutions offer optimum safety.

The engineering company, based in Vlotho, offers specialist services for this, based on reliability and well-founded expertise gained through many years of experience. All in all, important factors that make the difference in the details, as the specialist engineer for fire protection systems likes to describe it. In his opinion, professional extinguishing technology must be very precisely matched to the buildings, structural facilities and their use.

Solutions from the fire protection expert

In the encyclopaedia, an expert is defined as a person who has above-average knowledge in a specialist field and/or special skills. Such expertise often includes practical procedural knowledge. It is about the effective combination of theory and practice. This is exactly where the services of Frank Korte and his colleagues come in.

The project planning, processing and tendering of stationary automatic and non-automatic fire extinguishing systems, such as

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Foam, water-spray and high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • as well as fire detection and fire alarm technology are part of the daily business of KORTE ENGINEERING GmbH. Of course, taking into account the legal guidelines and standards for the fire protection and safety engineering systems in buildings.

Many well-known national and international companies trust in the “KE competence”. You should rely on a professional partner for such an important investment in the future of your company. Your insurance company will also reward you for this.

I look forward to your message.

Yours, Frank Korte, [Dipl.-Ing.], VdS specialist engineer and authorised technical expert

The sprinkler group layout plan shows the sprinkler equipment, which has been modified to suit the new use of the hall