Mastering fire hazards in companies,
this is what Frank Korte [Dipl.-Ing.] stands for

As an expert and businessman, Frank Korte has a clear line in dealing with his business partners. He and his team are equally direct in implementing the tasks of his customers in the various branches of industry. Detailed preparations and the planning of fire protection systems play just as important a role as the monitoring of the implementation on site in your company, whether in Germany, Europe or elsewhere around the world.

With Frank Korte you can count on:

  • Precision
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Direct and straightforward communication

The range of services offered by KORTE ENGINEERING GmbH includes:

  • Project management
  • Project development
  • Fire extinguishing system concepts
  • Technical fire protection in buildings

Inventory assessments in existing extinguishing systems are just as much a part of KE’s portfolio as risk analyses and fire protection expertise

Frank Korte and colleagues support architects and engineers in the planning and implementation of fire protection systems

Plant constructors can call in the KE team for various aspects of project management

Brief profile and milestones

Frank Korte tackles the complex topic of fire protection on behalf of industrial companies in every sector