Fire protection for the industry, for planners and system constructors

Our comprehensive services in the field of “technical fire protection in buildings” are explicitly geared to the needs of industry.

We also support architects and specialist engineers during project development.

For installation companies and system constructors we can provide project management support.

An extract of interesting projects:

  • for Fa. viastore Systems GmbH Stuttgart
    (warehouse logistics supplier)

    Hansa Flex, Geisenheim – machinery construction supply industry:
    Advisory function with the award of the contract by the investor to the subcontractor;
    IN-HOUSE sprinkler training High bay rack systems:
    Highlighting significant differences between German/European directives and US requirements

  • Ferrostaal Industrieanlagen GmbH; Geisenheim
    (supplier of machinery and systems to the oil and gas industry)
    Ras Lanuf, Libya – Oil and gas industry
    fire fighting upgrade for an oil tank farm – Commissioning documentation Fire extinguishing systems in English; Supervision of a bachelor thesis at the university of Magdeburg

  • Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH, Munich
    (General planner)
    Medical Clinic, Spangdahlem – medical sector
    Consulting engineer; moderator between prime contractor, contractor, project controller, planner, architect and US armed forces; achievement of planning approval by US
    Al Ain Hospital, Abu Dhabi – medical sector Project management meetings in the OPB head office in Munich;
    Project organisation – KE internal

  • KAUFLAND, Poland
    (Supplier in the foodstuffs industry)
    KAUFLAND Logistik – foodstuffs industry – new build of high-bay rack system
    Preparation of implementation plans; Agreements with the authorised expert; invitation to tender for the required systems and services; meetings with the customer to achieve approval for the sprinkler systems by VdS in Berlin, taking into account the Kaufland standards

  • Fa. FFC – Fire Fighting Safety and Security Consultants (UAE) (Consultancy)
    Dubai – Doha Airport Hangars (UAE) – Aerospace industry
    Analysis of the planned piping network dimensions; hydraulic verification and detailed correction report in English language

  • OOO Multimon (RUS)
    (Plant builder, installation company)
    VOLKSWAGEN Kaluga (RUS) – Automotive industry 5 years of project support in Russia with the task of training and handing over to our Russian project engineer

  • Umbra Feuerlöschsysteme GmbH, Berlin
    (Commercial enterprise)
    Opernwerkstätten Berlin – Architectural building
    Short-term project support in a planning bottleneck situation; creation of a clear planning base; revision of work and assembly planning, documentation of TARGET/ACTUAL deviations (planning/order), development of follow-up management; on-site support of the assembly company; smooth construction and assembly process site meetings

  • Schenkmann Piel Engineering GmbH, Leverkusen (Machinery suppliers in the wood industry)
    Skala Energy Ukraine – Wood production
    Project planning of the manually triggered fire protection system for the wood drying filtration plant; preparation of works/assembly plans; Coordination meetings with the customer in Germany; preparation of an installation schedule; preparation of a list of materials to be ordered by the customer; preparation of a service and maintenance list for the frost periods in order to protect the pipe network and components and to ensure the continuation of production without failure.

  • Imtech Brandschutz GmbH, Alzenau
    (system builder, installation company, today: systeex Brandschutzsysteme GmbH)
    Henkel H47 – High-by rack system logistics centre in Düsseldorf
    Complete project management; Preparation of work and assembly plans, hydraulic calculation of all pipe networks; material orders on behalf of Imtech; documentation and comparison of offer/implementation planning, development of follow-up management; on-site support of the assembly company; ensuring a smooth construction and assembly process, incl. site meetings; -> Jour-Fix participation over a 9 month period; authorised expert acceptance process, revision planning and final documentation.

  • Minimax GmbH & Co.KG, Stuttgart
    (system builder, installation company, European leader)
    Expansion of the Porsche AG site 4 engine product, logistics and new-build of the Porsche Taycan paintshop in Stuttgart – Budget € 2.3 million and € 4.7 million The project content was the same as that for Henkel (see above)

  • Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions, Manchester, UK ((system builder, installation company, today: Johnson Controls)
    Amazon new build of logistics centre in Magdeburg – Interim management
    Project support for Tyco UK. Participation in all conferences, meetings and site visits in Magdeburg and by video. Due to the corona pandemic and the resultant travel restrictions, Tyco was not able to supervise the construction site and the installation of the fire extinguishing systems itself. On behalf of Tyco, we were the on-site contact partner for all project participants, we supported the installation team and ensured the smooth construction and installation process, as well as recording, documenting and distributing the daily events in English by email. (No planning services were performed).

* Note from the author: This list is not exhaustive but rather is a selection of different projects from the last few years and describes the most interesting tasks from the recent past.

Plan extract from the architect with hydrant supply lines for supplying type-F internal hydrants per DIN 14461