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Basis for the fire protection

In order to successfully install a functioning fire protection system, certain fundamental aspects must be observed. We must initially analyze the structural requirements and the different conditions in the respective building very accurately, so that you can then fully rely on your system.

First of all we will clarify whether a fire safety inspection report or other specifications exist in a written form.
Who is your insurer? Is there an assessment according to VdS, FM or other standards of the technical fire protection?
The basic parameters within the building must be accurately determined. That means, it must be detected which ambient temperatures are present and whether the corresponding areas are frost protected, or if these areas are both heated and prone to frost.
Water is an essential component for the fire protection system! Therefore it must be clarified in advance, what water supply/storage the building has or respectively what can be provided, and what performance the municipal water supplier (Q [l/min] at p [bar]) can deliver.
Is there a secured energy supply in place or how can the necessary electrical energy for the fire extinguishing pumps and auxiliary equipment be provided reliably?
Are architectural floor plans and sections available? Which basal area in m2 should be included into the protection concept? Where are structural partitions with a fire resistance class of F-90 to the non-protected areas present?
In order to be able to determine into which fire danger class the protected object can be classified and what amount for the corresponding impact water must be specified, important boundary conditions for the building use must be determined. For example: what kind of storage and packaging materials are stored? How is the storage performed? Is there a block stacking or shelf-storage? To what height are the stored goods stacked?
  • Plant according to VdS CEA 4001
  • Storage and manufacturing area
  • Classification to OH 3
  • Effective area = 216 m22
  • Water discharge = 5.0 mm/min
  • Minimum pressure on sprinkler = 0.35 bar
  • Reaction time = 60 min.
  • Water storage = 216m2 x 5,0mm/min x 1,4 x 60Min. = 90,72m3
  • Dissimilarity 40 % (Presumption considering the hydraulic difference between the most and least favourable effective area related to the existing sprinkler pump)

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