Standing up to fire hazards in the company

From details to the whole
Every building is different in terms of its use, architecture and construction. Which fire protection concept is used is individually tailored to these characteristics. Modern construction methods, new types of building and materials, the use of new technologies and production processes and enormous concentrations of value in the smallest of spaces rightly place high demands on fire protection. Experts agree that only the sum of all fire protection solutions tailored to the respective fire risk offers optimum safety.

KORTE ENGINEERING GmbH from Vlotho has been dedicated to this compact and technically demanding topic since the year 2000. Managing Director and owner Frank Korte puts it in a nutshell: "We offer competent engineering services based on reliability and sound specialist knowledge gained from many years of experience." The focus of day-to-day business is on the planning of stationary water extinguishing systems such as sprinkler, foam and water spray extinguishing systems, gas extinguishing systems as well as detection and fire alarm technology.

Plant engineers

Project management

Our Workflow

In the case of KE, project management refers to covering the order peaks of the system installers. Due to our history, we are in a position to act as an 'extended workbench' for the plant installer. We handle the order professionally for the plant installer, taking into account the plant installer's work contracts with his client. We carry out hydraulic pipe network calculations based on the technical specifications of the installation company, create planning documents in accordance with the required CAD standards, order prefabrication and installation materials, supervise the fitters and take part in the planning and construction meetings. Finally, we manage the project through to acceptance by the inspector/expert and deal with any defects to enable the system installer to receive the final invoice. Our assignment is usually completed by handing over the as-built documentation to the installation company or the client.



Solutions from fire protection experts

23 years of experience - DIE KORTE ENGINEERING GMBH
Our comprehensive services in the field of “building services fire protection” are explicitly geared towards the needs of industry. We also support architects and specialist engineers in project development. We are available to installation companies and system installers for project management.

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