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KORTE ENGINEERING GmbH is specialized in the field of stationary fire protection systems, primarily focused on project work and project assistance of stationary fire protection plants.We develop individual fire protection solutions to comply with specifications of insurance and building legislation in regard of different buildings and objects.

We are an engineering service company, working all over Europe. We did several interesting projects, covering nearly all branches of the industry. Besides doing project management in behalf of various plant contractors we are working as consultants for investors, building principals and chief executives of conception, too, establishing fire precaution concepts and submitting them to the respective insurance companies. Our daily work will be done according to the instructions of VdS, NFPA, FM, GE or Global Risk.

Required profile of project engineers or technicians for planning and conception of fire precaution plants:

  • The main emphasis at present still lies on stationary water extinction plants such as sprinkler and/or water spraying extinction plants.
  • A training in a craft such as technical plants within the house (gas, water, ventilation, sanitary equipment, heating) is advantageous to be able to implement planned concepts.
  • The enlargement of the KE Sp. z.o.o. at Warszaw is planned, in case of aptitude management tasks will have to be accomplished.
  • Knowledge in the field of the execution of planning tasks within the section of fire alert technique is appreciated, however, it is not essential.
  • Further training to becoming an engineer or technician in the field of public utility is desired.
  • Knowledge of the Polish language for our Warszaw office is essential.
  • In case there should be no knowledge of the German language, English is essential as an additional language.
  • up to 55 years of age.
  • CAD knowledge is essential, preferably with AutoCAD2006 of AutoDesk.
  • Working location: Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm at Warszaw in an office community with a fire detection plant contractor; available are 2 CAD working places and a separate office within this office community.
  • Independent working is taken for granted.
  • Environmental planning is an urgent necessity.
  • A good general technical understanding is important to be able to convert plans into action.

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